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Does this look original?

  • Hello gentlemen,

    I've had this "Recommendation for Appointment" document for several years and I've never had any reason to believe that it is a fake. However, after posting the document, judging from the response, perhaps I'm not noticing everything. I am not an expert in reading German so would you guys mind having a look to see if there is anything pointing to the document being a fake?
    Thank you for your help! I just cannot believe it is a fake because the paper is so old looking and Himmler's signature looks very good to me.



  • Hello Marcus,
    without giving any judgement about originality of that document I can say the german used is perfect.
    The terms used are typically and common for describing work, social behavior and personal situation of a member of an official authority in those times.
    Don't know what comments made you shiver about authencity but the wording is not the problem.


    Falls es ein "Problem" mit dem Papier gibt, ist es nicht die deutsche Sprache und benutzte Terminologie.

  • I definitely agree with Barmbeker, the document itself raises no red flags. Also the autograph seems to correspondent with other Himmler autographs I was able to trace on the internet.

    I just ask myself, why would Himmler sign a promotion recommendation for an NCO ranking police officer by himself?
    I mean not to question the originality, I just wonder about this!

  • Quote

    Original von Turtle

    I just ask myself, why would Himmler sign a promotion recommendation for an NCO ranking police officer by himself?
    I mean not to question the originality, I just wonder about this!

    Das habe ich mich auch gefragt - I was also wondering. ?(

    Gruß Eddy

    Suche alles zu ..... 143. Reserve-Division ..... Füsilier-Bataillon 217

  • Servus Turtle, Ehanslik!

    That is a good question and it is unsually the first comment about the document. However, Herr Felbinger was no ordinary police nco.

    After serving with the Heer and then various police departments in Germany, Felbinger went to Kattowitz and then on to SS Police Regt. 6, fighting partisans in the "east." Then his career gets interesting, first serving with RFSS Pol.-Begleit-Batl. "Steiermark" which was Himmler's personal mot. escort/security unit, always traveling with Himmler. Felbinger was with "Steiermark" for 6 months and then transferred to the Reichssicherheitsdienst Dienstelle 1.

    The Reichssicherheitsdienst was the little known security unit that protected Hitler and other top ranking NS leaders, with Dienstelle 1 being Hitler's RSD bureau. See link for details:…ichssicherheitsdienst-rsd

    So when Himmler signed this document, Felbinger was at the Reichskanzlei in Berlin, March 23, 1945, protecting Hitler at the Fuehrerbunker from advancing Russian Army.
    Himmler by the way, had just been replaced by Gen. Heinrici as CO. of the Home Army the day before, March 22, 1945.

    So this rather common "Recommendation for Appointment" document is a little more "special" than most.

    Thank you all for having a look and the comments! I hope you find it interesting.



  • I forgot to add that Himmler was the "Chef des Reichssicherheitsdienstes" a little known fact. These stamps are very rare and almost never seen on original documents.

    Also, it was the men from the Reichssicherheitsdienst, (RSD) under the leadership of Hans Rattenhuber and Peter Hoegel, that were ordered to execute Hermann Fegelein in the RK, April 1945, although it is not known who the actual killer(s) were. Rochus Misch says he knows who it was, but he will not disclose the name(s)

    The most informative book on the subject of the RSD is Peter Hoffmann's "Hitler's Personal Security; Protecting the Fuehrer 1921-1945" and there is a German edition! ;hump;



  • Gentlemen,
    it was brought to my attention that some might believe this document to be from among a group of similar documents taken years ago in a burglary at one of the archives in Germany. I can assure you this is not the case. This document was brought back to the US by Major Robert G. Schaefer, who worked at the Nuernberg Trials in aiding the Defense Team for the IG Farben case. He (or someone else) has written his name very lightly at the top of the front page.

    Major Schaefer brought back many other documents and books from the era.

    Best Regards,


  • Hallo Marcus,

    Nice IMO Original Document!
    Has FELBINGER written his signature somewhere ?
    I just posted 10 (unknown), but for sure from members of RSD-Dienststelle 1. , signatures in the "Help needed" section.

    Schönes mMn originales Stück!
    Trägt dieses Dokument irgendwo die Unterschrift von FELBINGER ?
    Im "ich suche Hilfe" Abschnitt dieses Forum habe ich vor 10 Minuten 10 Unterschriften von (unbekannte) RSD Dienststelle 1. - Mitglieder eingestellt.

    Ich suche immer originales (1944/45) "Berliner Volkssturm" und "Schlacht um Berlin" Papier:
    Flugblätter, Zeitungen, Soldbücher, Bilder ...

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