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    Here's an example of a Lappland urkunde also to the 67 VP from my collection. You will see that Zunker is here a Kapitän zur See, this is because he was given this temporary rank for the purposes of his job at the time in Tromsø.

    Sorry for using English guys but i know most of you know me and understand english so i hope it's ok.

    As you correctly identify, the first urkunde posted by Scareglow is not original. If you look at militaria321 you will see blank copies of this document type for sale, compare it to the Grenadier Brigade 503 one posted by gebirgsgrenadier and you will see clear differences in the style.

    Talking of the Gren.Brig.503 urkunde. This is worth explaining further. Grenadier Brigade 503 were stationed at Bjørnfjell (Dietl's HQ for much of the Narvik campaign of 1940) at the end of the war and Lapplandschild urkunden issued to this unit at Bjørnfjell look like the example here, from a group now in my collection.

    However, after most of the German troops were sent back to the continent in july and august 1945, some were transferred to other jobs in Norway, of the late Lapplandschild awards you can sometimes find cases like the one gebirgsgrenadier posted. Attached is another example from my collection, this time from GJR 856, a unit which was stationed North of Narvik, but like the 503 example, this soldier had been transferred south and was awarded hias shield later that normal and so used the style of document from that area of the country.

    The document is 322mm x 215mm. There is one for sale on militaria321 but at 340 Euros it is overpriced and has been there for a long time.

    Here is one of mine. Fuhrmann was kommandeur of Gebirgs Nachrichten abteilung 67 at the time


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    Hallo Horst

    Ich bin aus Tromsö in Nord Norwegen.

    Most of these lists can be found at BAMA, Freiburg but the 7 Gebirgs Division lists are at the Norwegian Riksarkivet. Why some German material still lies with the Norwegian archives and hasn't been returned to Germany i don't know.

    for example, did you know that the Norwegian state archives holds hundreds if not thousands of Wehrpassen

    Kein problem Harbec, ich verstehen Deutsch.

    most of it.. :D

    KVKI m/S award lists are very interesting, look at the ranks in the 2 GD list, all offizier and unteroffizier m/ portepee. Very important to understand for us urkunde collectors. Only towards the end of the war (look at the 7 GD list from Feb.45) do a few stabsgefreite get one and only one obergefreiter.

    Hi Walle

    Yes i do have some others but only from my own area of interest, AOK Norwegen and 20 Geb.Armee.

    Here's a couple more examples, KVKI awards to the 2 Gebirgs Division and VWA awards to members of I./GJR 218

    As you say, very rare to still find Btl. or Rgt. level paperwork, even more so from the late war period.

    Guten tag Horst

    Ja, you can find award lists for the EKII, EKI, KVM, KVKII and KVKI but they only rarely survive in the archives.

    When they do, you will find them amongst the records of the IIa/IIb at Armee, Korps, Division, Regiment and bataillon levels.

    Remember that for Heerestruppen, Korps or Armee was the usual awarding authority.

    Here are some examples from the 7 Gebirgs Division from Feb. 1945


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    Other errors on the urkunde.

    The regiments commander, Max Mayer signed them all
    Award date is too early for the 6 Gebirgs Division (should be between about 18 July to the 25 July '45)

    As i mentioned on GCA there is nothing wrong with this urkunde.

    Promotions were very often backdated. For example, Kempf might have been informed of his promotion days or weeks later but was effective as of 1 Aug. 40. This detail would not show up in the usual published sources. In order to find that out i would advise looking at the archives of the 6 Pz.Div. for August 1940. If the records of the IIa survive it might show up there, or through other documents, you might see at what date the change in rank occured.

    III./Schtz.Rgt.4 was officially only disbanded on the day before this document was signed. It was the unit with which this soldier served when he qualified for the award, the 6 Pz.Div. i believe was making sure all awards and paperwork were in order prior to these men leaving the division.

    Sorry again for the English..

    Yes, this urkunde is fine. The 6 GD used two slightly different styles (see the database of Lapplandschild urkunden on this site).

    If you look at Huesken's site you will find one to the same kompanie.

    Yes, this is original. The promotion to unteroffizier though is the latest i have seen so far. The signature of course is that of Ferdinand Jodl, Kdr. of the XIX Gebirgs Korps as seen in the stamp, which became Armee Abteilung Narvik in Jan.45 and after 8 May 1945 became the Deutsche Befehlshaber der zone Tromsø. Jodl went into captivity around the 10 Aug. which is why his signature no longer appears on these urkunden after this date.

    here are some other examples. The two from Gr.Rgt.349 are in my collection.


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